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Witch Hunter (Coven, Book 10)

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Not all enemies have magic.

At a dinner with her new neighbors, Samantha gets a weird vibe from their son, Dennis, who seems too interested in her and her sister and the strange things often happening at their house. That worry gets pushed aside, however, when Samantha goes into labor and rushes off to the hospital to have the baby.

Meanwhile, Dennis continues his own investigation into the sisters, tracking down people from their past who have come into close contact with them and their strangeness.

When Dennis shows up at the hospital and starts asking questions about the sisters that they believe have a malicious end, Kathy tracks him down before he has a chance to do any harm to them or Samantha’s unborn baby.

Witch Hunter is the tenth book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel to the Under the Moon series.

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