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Trickster (Coven, Book 8)

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Not everything is as it seems.

A carnival birthday party for a one-year-old turns terrifying when a little girl lets out a scream from within the funhouse. Samantha and Kathy rush in to rescue her, only to find a demented clown hovering over the girl, feasting on her screams. He gets away, leaving the sisters scratching their heads as to who or what it might be.

After asking around, the staff all claim that there are no clowns employed by the carnival, which doesn’t explain what the girls witnessed. To make matters worse, Kathy is pulled away after her friend has a surprising revelation about her boyfriend, Jeremy. That leaves Samantha, whose powers haven’t been working exactly right ever since she became pregnant.

As the sisters struggle to find answers, another kid is found unconscious deep inside the funhouse tent. With hundreds of children arriving at the carnival for fun and games, the clock is ticking for the sisters to find a way to stop what lurks inside. And its only a matter of time before he gets what he’s after.

Trickster is the eighth book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel to the Under the Moon series.

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