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Siren (Coven, Book 2)

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Sometimes betrayal is just one small act…

While scouting possible wedding locations on Presque Isle, Samantha and Kathy cast a spell to prevent a man from driving his boat right onto shore. Shrugging it off as a close call, the sisters return their focus to their lives: Samantha’s upcoming wedding, and Kathy’s struggling personal and professional life. 

However, their little diversion spell ignites the fury of Heather, a siren who lives to sway men in loving relationships into a fiery betrayal that results in their death. She turns her attention to the men in the witches’ lives as payback for foiling her plan on Presque Isle. After several close calls, Samantha and Kathy force their boyfriends to coexist in one house so they can protect them, but the siren’s attacks keep hitting closer to home. 

With tensions rising in the overcrowded house and everyone almost at their breaking point, the witches must find a way to stop Heather before she can succeed in her mission to kill their men.

Siren is the second book in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel series to the Under the Moon series.

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