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Witch (Coven, Book 5.5)

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Don’t go looking for trouble.

While at a conference in Upstate New York, Samantha seeks out Danielle Bowen, another witch who specializes in divination. The newlywed Samantha has been thinking about when she and her husband could start a family. But the reading erupts in a different vision—a prophecy.

Secrets are revealed as Danielle explains how the Pentad, an evil supergroup related to the magical elements, is growing more powerful to the point that they may become unstoppable. Fueled by the need to prevent the Pentad from coming to fruition, Samantha returns to Erie to search for members who may be looking to join this demonic supergroup.

There, Samantha finds Olivia, who is considering joining the Pentad. Thinking it could be a lead to bring down this growing enemy, Samantha follows her. Only, Olivia doesn’t want to be bothered and makes it very clear. Worse, when another demonic faction arrives to stop Olivia from joining the Pentad themselves, Samantha learns very quickly that she may have bitten off more than she can chew on her own.

Witch is a short story in the Coven series, which serves as a prequel to the Under the Moon series.

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