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Lured By Magic (Lost By Magic, Book 3)

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How much is your soul worth?

After thinking that they’re hunting a crossroads demon, Frankie and his friends discover that Hecate is in town, and she’s after innocent souls. The gatekeeper of the underworld sends phantoms, who take the shape of someone from the victim’s past, and torments them until they decide to trade in their soul to end the suffering.

While trying to find a way to stop the goddess, Evelyn finds herself trapped in an alternate plane, where she witnesses Hecate quietly wreaking havoc on those around her. And the longer she spends in the alternate plane, the weaker she becomes.

Meanwhile, Frankie is suddenly seeing his late wife, who tries to persuade him to join her in the afterlife so they can spend eternity together.

As Hecate closes in on the group, Levi is the only one who can see what’s going on. And as the only one without magic of his own, saving his friends might be an impossible task.

Lured by Magic is the third book in the Lost by Magic series, which serves as the first series in the Art of Magic universe, containing the Coven and the Under the Moon series.

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