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Lost By Magic (Lost By Magic, Book 1)

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Time waits for no one.

Frankie Walker is lost. A single father who has recently made a career move, he feels burnt out from the daily grind of life and distant from his magical heritage as a witch. So when he is approached by Zanabar, a mysterious sorcerer who asks him for help retrieving a genie lamp from 1924 before it falls into the wrong hands, Frankie accepts.

When Frankie gets back to the past, however, he finds himself in the middle of a shootout between two supernatural gangs: the Demons and the Harvesters. Both groups are fighting for possession of the genie lamp and are willing to do anything to get it.

Along the way, Frankie befriends Levi, a nonmagical speakeasy owner, and Evelyn, an oracle, who warns him that Zanabar might not be trustworthy. As the trio finally close in on the genie lamp, a startling realization comes to light: Frankie might be stuck in 1924.

Lost by Magic is the first book in the Lost by Magic series, which serves as the first series in the Art of Magic universe, containing the Coven and the Under the Moon series.

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