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David Neth’s urban fantasy series follows sister witches Samantha and Kathy as they face mythical creatures, monsters, spirits, and more magical foes.

This bundle contains HarpySirenValkyrie, Shapeshifter, Sorcerer, Enchantress, Oracle, Trickster, Poltergeist, and Witch Hunter, as well as the short stories Witch, Hex, and Demon.

Harpy (Coven, Book 1)

Saving him is their job, but it won’t get his victim justice.

Samantha and Kathy are witches who protect the nonmagical from evil. So when they spot a coven of harpies targeting Mark, a nonmagical man, they immediately rush to save him.

With the threat of the harpies still looming over Mark, the sisters learn more about him and the target on his back. Namely, that the harpies are hunting him to drag him to hell to pay for his crimes against a young woman. However, that presents a dilemma for Samantha and Kathy: do they follow their duties as witches and save the man who harmed a young woman or do they step aside and let the harpies drag him to hell to pay for those crimes?

The clock is ticking and the longer it takes Samantha and Kathy to decide what to do, the more innocent people that will be hurt by the harpies while they wait to sink their claws into Mark.

Siren (Coven, Book 2)

Sometimes betrayal is just one small act…

While scouting possible wedding locations on Presque Isle, Samantha and Kathy cast a spell to prevent a man from driving his boat right onto shore. Shrugging it off as a close call, the sisters return their focus to their lives: Samantha’s upcoming wedding, and Kathy’s struggling personal and professional life.

However, their little diversion spell ignites the fury of Heather, a siren who lives to sway men in loving relationships into a fiery betrayal that results in their death. She turns her attention to the men in the witches’ lives as payback for foiling her plan on Presque Isle. After several close calls, Samantha and Kathy force their boyfriends to coexist in one house so they can protect them, but the siren’s attacks keep hitting closer to home.

With tensions rising in the overcrowded house and everyone almost at their breaking point, the witches must find a way to stop Heather before she can succeed in her mission to kill their men.

Valkyrie (Coven, Book 3)

The end of the world might be sooner than they think.

The valkyries secretly hand-select fallen heroes to bring back to Valhalla to prepare for the final battle. While out at a nightclub, Kathy witnesses a valkyrie collect a dying man’s soul. Thinking the valkyrie is doing harm, she tries to fight her off, but loses.

Back in Valhalla, the valkyries view their lapse in secrecy as a sign that the final battle is beginning. They capture Kathy and bring her back to Valhalla while they rally their army to send into battle.

Meanwhile, Samantha is reeling from having told Steven she’s a witch. But when she discovers Kathy’s gone missing, she puts her strained relationship aside to save her sister, only to end up in just as much danger as Kathy.

With the valkyries preparing for war, Samantha and Kathy must prove that they mean no harm in order to return to their normal lives. But the end of the world might be sooner than they think.

Shapeshifter (Coven, Book 4)

Monsters can hide in plain sight.

Samantha and Kathy’s personal lives have been keeping them busy. Samantha’s been planning her wedding, despite the frustrations of Steven’s mother and the ensuing tension it creates between the bride and groom. Kathy is struggling with the coursework of her first college classes and spending enough time with Milo, the guy she’s been dating.

Meanwhile, their new neighbors have invited them to a Halloween party. But the days leading up to the party reveal oddities and unusual behavior from the people in their lives, culminating in the witches’ discovery at the party that a shapeshifter’s been lurking among them all week. 

With no idea who to trust, Samantha and Kathy have only a few hours to find out who the shapeshifter is and how to stop them before they can hurt anyone else—and the party just happens to be full of potential victims.

Sorcerer (Coven, Book 5)

Mind your secrets…

Samantha and Steven’s wedding day has finally arrived! As the bride and groom and their wedding party prepare for the big day, Talia, the officiant of the wedding who is a witch herself, collapses and is taken to the hospital.

Seeing her sister begin to panic that her wedding is falling apart, Kathy uses magic to find another officiant—but her spell summons Augustus, a sorcerer who has his own agenda. Unbeknownst to Kathy, she wasn’t alone when she cast the spell, which gives Steven’s mother the ammunition she’s been looking for to put a stop to the wedding.

While the sisters are preoccupied with preparing for the big day, a news reporter shows up and catches the use of magic on camera. With the wedding day effectively ruined, Samantha and Kathy must figure out how to put their secret back in the bottle. To make matters worse, Augustus disappears and all the signs point to Talia’s collapse being connected to his arrival. 

In order to stop Augustus and keep their secret, Samantha and Kathy must rely on help from others, which seems impossible to do when their home is surrounded by news reporters.

Witch (Coven, Book 5.5)

Don’t go looking for trouble.

While at a conference in Upstate New York, Samantha seeks out Danielle Bowen, another witch who specializes in divination. The newlywed Samantha has been thinking about when she and her husband could start a family. But the reading erupts in a different vision—a prophecy.

Secrets are revealed as Danielle explains how the Pentad, an evil supergroup related to the magical elements, is growing more powerful to the point that they may become unstoppable. Fueled by the need to prevent the Pentad from coming to fruition, Samantha returns to Erie to search for members who may be looking to join this demonic supergroup.

There, Samantha finds Olivia, who is considering joining the Pentad. Thinking it could be a lead to bring down this growing enemy, Samantha follows her. Only, Olivia doesn’t want to be bothered and makes it very clear. Worse, when another demonic faction arrives to stop Olivia from joining the Pentad themselves, Samantha learns very quickly that she may have bitten off more than she can chew on her own.

Enchantress (Coven, Book 6)

The honeymoon is over.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but neither Samantha nor Kathy are feeling in the mood lately. Samantha and Steven have been arguing about where to live while Kathy has been awkwardly reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Jeremy, who might also be dating someone else.

Scarlett, an enchantress, tracks Kathy down at work for help saving her lover from an evil witch who put him in a spell that Scarlett is unable to break with her own magic. The witches lean in to the distractions from their personal lives and are ready to travel to Buffalo to help Scarlett reunite with her lover. Except, Steven and Jeremy insist on coming along for the weekend, drudging up all of their issues that they’d rather escape from. Worse, Jeremy still doesn’t know that they’re witches. 

What could go wrong?

Oracle (Coven, Book 7)

It’s better not to know things sometimes…

Suspecting she might be pregnant, Samantha seeks out Vanita, an oracle, to ask whether she and Steven are even ready to have kids. During the reading, Samantha receives a vision of a man bleeding out on the ground. Learning from past mistakes, Samantha recruits Kathy’s help to track him down. 

After searching for hours in the frigid winter night, the sisters come up empty. Samantha returns to Vanita for further answers and learns that the man in the vision is none other than Vanita’s brother, Oren. When the sisters enact their plan to save Oren, they discover that Vanita isn’t as innocent as she let on. Right in front of the sisters’ eyes, she stabs her brother and steals her family’s powerful amulet to wreak havoc with it.

The sisters are ready to launch into a search for Vanita, but must tend to Oren’s physical injuries, as well as some of their own intangible ones as Kathy finds Steven in a compromising situation, which erupts in the biggest marital spat he and Samantha have ever had. The sisters must pull together their emotions and trust each other if they’re going to get the amulet back. Otherwise, the world as they know it could be over. 

Trickster (Coven, Book 8)

Not everything is as it seems.

A carnival birthday party for a one-year-old turns terrifying when a little girl lets out a scream from within the funhouse. Samantha and Kathy rush in to rescue her, only to find a demented clown hovering over the girl, feasting on her screams. He gets away, leaving the sisters scratching their heads as to who or what it might be.

After asking around, the staff all claim that there are no clowns employed by the carnival, which doesn’t explain what the girls witnessed. To make matters worse, Kathy is pulled away after her friend has a surprising revelation about her boyfriend, Jeremy. That leaves Samantha, whose powers haven’t been working exactly right ever since she became pregnant. 

As the sisters struggle to find answers, another kid is found unconscious deep inside the funhouse tent. With hundreds of children arriving at the carnival for fun and games, the clock is ticking for the sisters to find a way to stop what lurks inside. And its only a matter of time before he gets what he’s after. 

Poltergeist (Coven, Book 9)

You never know what will follow you home.

While touring a fixer-upper they’re considering buying, Samantha and Steven both have bad feelings about the house. Samantha, who is seven months pregnant, feels a wave of energy come over her as Steven and the realtor go down to the look at the basement without her. Deciding to pass on the abandoned house, Samantha and Steven later return home without a second thought about the house.

Meanwhile, Kathy has been busy planning Samantha’s baby shower with Steven’s mother. It’s not until Steven points out Samantha’s odd behavior that Kathy begins to notice it too. As the baby shower looms nearer, Kathy is determined to figure out what’s going on with her sister before Samantha is the center of attention in front of everyone.

When Kathy and Steven consult a medium about what might be going on, they learn that Samantha is very likely possessed by a poltergeist. And with her growing baby in her belly, the evil spirit may prove impossible to exorcise.

Hex (Coven, Book 9.5)

Mayhem. It’s what’s for dinner.

Samantha has spent all day preparing an elaborate meal so she can ask her boss for a raise. With the help of Kathy and Steven, she has planned every moment to go perfectly. 

All throughout dinner, the exactly as planned…until Samantha’s boss floats up to the ceiling, unable to come down. Soon, everyone at the dinner party experiences some sort of magical mixup, including the sisters. As Samantha and Kathy try to figure out what happened to them and their guests, there’s a bigger problem looming over their head: how are they going to explain it all?

Witch Hunter (Coven, Book 10)

Not all enemies have magic.

At a dinner with her new neighbors, Samantha gets a weird vibe from their son, Dennis, who seems too interested in her and her sister and the strange things often happening at their house. That worry gets pushed aside, however, when Samantha goes into labor and rushes off to the hospital to have the baby.

Meanwhile, Dennis continues his own investigation into the sisters, tracking down people from their past who have come into close contact with them and their strangeness. 

When Dennis shows up at the hospital and starts asking questions about the sisters that they believe have a malicious end, Kathy tracks him down before he has a chance to do any harm to them or Samantha’s unborn baby. 

Demon (Coven, Book 10.5)

Don’t let your guard down.

When Kathy and friend Trisha are at the club, Trisha’s date suddenly collapses, putting an end to their evening. Over the next few days, Kathy notices her friend acting weird. What’s worse is that bad luck seems to follow Trisha everywhere she goes. 

Suspecting something magical might be going on, Kathy begins to investigate to discover just what has gotten into her friend and why exactly Trisha’s date collapsed at the nightclub. And the longer that Trisha is under the spell of whatever demonic magic that holds power over her, the more destruction follows in her wake.

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